About Us

You might be wondering how the party animals came to be.

It happened like this: a few smart, witty, and incredibly awesome student interns worked alongside the creative and interactive teams at IU Communications to design a campaign that would encourage the IU community to look after each other and make safety a priority.

We knew we had an important message, and after a lot of brainstorming and revision, we decided that the Street Smart party animals were the perfect way to deliver it. They’re kind of like us—friendly, academic, fun to hang out with, but prone to bouts of bad decision making. So we set them up in different situations (hello, peril) with the end goal of creating something that would remind us to make safer choices on and off campus.

But our message only works with everyone’s participation. As a community, we can’t operate individually or discount the hundreds of other students, faculty, and staff who make IU what it is today. We need to share the responsibility for maintaining safety at IU. So, if you see someone acting not so street savvy, say something. Take action. Because a safer campus is a smarter campus and a better one for all of us.